Nivonim 1993 Reunion Campaign

Dear Nivo 1993 –


This past summer, 23 of us “middle-aged” alumni gathered in the north woods to reminisce about our Nivo summer 25 years ago.  We spent the weekend revisiting all the places that are so clear in our minds – The Point, The Pit, the Bet Am, the Givah and so much more.  We reminisced about canoe trips (those that did and did not happen), plays, yishuns and days off as counselors.  25 years later, it was a joy to be together again.  We sang, we laughed and maybe shed some tears as we were in constant awe of what feels the same and yet has changed so much.  The Givah has its own Moadon, there is a beautiful teaching kitchen, you don’t need to wear closed toe shoes to meltz, and the Garbage Trail no longer smells like garbage.   And, the address of camp is now Ramah Circle, so campers no longer need to know how to spell Buckatabon. 

While we all hold on tight to different memories from those years, we all share a great feeling of gratitude.  Gratitude for the experiences and opportunities that shaped us and introduced us to the people we still hold dear all these years later.  We recognized that it is now on us to gift camp forward and ensure the next generation of kids (maybe our own) have the same opportunities we did. 


While we toured camp and got a full update form Camp Director Jacob Cytryn – no HaRav anymore – we learned about some of the needs at camp.  As an aidah, we have the ability to help.  We would like to combine our resources and set a goal of raising $25,000 together as the Nivo 1993 25th Reunion campaign.  The dollars raised will go towards specific needs at camp:


1)     Creation of the Nivo 1993 Alumni Scholarship Fund:  Making camp financially accessible is a priority. 50% of all campers every summer require some type of financial aid.  We also learned that the number of alumni sending their kids to camp from the 90s is particularly low – often citing the cost as part of the equation.  We do not want that to be a barrier.  The creation of this endowed fund will provide scholarship dollars specifically earmarked for the children of alumni to attend camp.  This fund will exist in perpetuity, ensuring that our aidah will have a lasting mark on camp.

2)     The demographics of campers and camper families continues to change and evolve – just as we are all seeing in our home communities.  We want to ensure that camp has the resources to be a warm and welcoming place for all families.   A portion of the dollars raised will support resources for LGBTQ campers. 

3)      We also recognize that the leadership of Ramah is changing with Jacob Cytryn taking full reign this year, and Rabbi Soloff becoming Director Emeritus.  Dollars will be directed to Jacob’s discretionary fund for him to use to meet the needs he identifies as leader of camp.  

The funds will be utilized  with a priority for the greatest need among the three designated areas, but if you have a personal preference to earmark your gift, please be in touch with Sam Caplan,  If we hit our goal of raising $25,000, our aidah will be recognized with a plaque up at camp. 

Save the date for our 36th reunion!  It was great to be together, but we missed the rest of you.  Your presence was felt in our memories, but we’d rather see you in person!

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